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Fashion Pattern Making Set D2

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Are you looking for a package deal that has everything you need to make the best dresses? We have just the thing for you: the D2 Fashion Pattern Making Set. Why toil away with subpar tailoring equipment, when you can have the best? Dress Forms USAs Premium Line comes with expertly-crafted sewing gear, which are made with superior materials. Of course, since you create your dresses with much attention to detail, your products should have been made with the same kind of precision and dedication.

The D2 toolbox has everything you will need: two tape measures, an awl for poking holes and pulling out corners, two pattern grading rulers of different lengths, a curve stick ruler, a French curve, a pair of shears, a pattern notcher with a soft handle, tracking wheel with a wooden handle, a hip curve ruler, and a pair of scissors.

  • 1 x #808A PGM Pattern Grading Ruler 24"/60cm 
  • 1 x #808B PGM Pattern Grading Ruler 18"/48cm 
  • 1 x #808C PGM Hip Curve Ruler 24" 
  • 1 x #808D PGM Curve Stick Ruler 24" 
  • 1 x #805E PGM French Curve 
  • 1 x #801A-A Pattern Notcher (Soft Handle) 
  • 1 x #801B-A Tracking Wheel (Wooden Handle) 
  • 1 x #801C Awl
  • 1 x #801F-B Tape Measurement (1pc) 
  • 1 x #809 Tape Measurement (1pc) 
  • 1 x #803A Professional Pattern Shears (12")
  • 1 x #803C Professional Fabric Scissors (10")

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