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4 Novel & Creative Ways You Can Use Dress Forms

July 24, 2016 4 min read

Creative Uses For Dress Forms

Most of us know or should know what a dress form is and how it is used. For those who are not so familiar with this term, a dress form is a representation of a woman or man’s body, usually from the shoulders to thigh. The classic dress form is mounted on a stand and has two functions. It is usually used in tailoring and cloth making, as a body to cut, sew, modify materials used for creating clothing items, but also for displaying women, men or even children’s clothes in different apparel stores.

So, you may wonder, how else could dress forms be used? What are those novel ways of using dress forms? Well, we found at least four ways of using dress forms, different than the usual ones:

  1. Dress forms used to display jewelry
  2. Dress forms used as an example to make bottles for perfumes or eau de toilette
  3. Dress forms used to make Christmas decorations and Christmas trees
  4. Dress forms used as surveillance cameras

Dress forms used to display jewelry

Creative Dress Form DesignJewelry has a very long history, even longer than the history of dress forms. The first proof of a dress form dates back to the 18th dynasty of Egypt. As you probably know, the first proof of a dress form was found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. You think that’s old?! Think again! People have started to use jewelries from prehistoric times. Historians believe that prehistoric humans used to wear jewelry even before they “invented” clothing. Well, don’t imagine they were almost naked wearing nothing but gold necklaces.

Before they discovered precious metals they used to decorate their bodies with fish bones, seashells or even fish teeth, if they were living near the sea or materials taken from the animals they killed in order to get food, such as: mammoth tusks, deer antlers and other types of animal bones, if they lived inland.

Time passed and nowadays we have a lot of beautiful handcrafted jewelry, which has another problem – it has to be sold! So, if you want to sell jewelry, how can you do it? How can you attract people to buy it? Well, the answer is simple: using dress forms. In most of the successful jewelry stores you will see special dress forms displaying different kinds of jewels.

Jewelry dress forms are a little bit different than normal dress forms because they are usually not using the whole part of the body form, but only that part form belly to the neck. Jewelry dress forms are usually smaller than the normal ones because their main function is to emphasize the jewel displayed.

Another interesting thing about this type of dress forms is the fact that they are covered with velvet or leather, usually black, to make the displayed jewel more glamorous. There are also pocket-size jewelry dress forms used as standers for rings, earrings and other small pieces of jewelry.

Dress forms used as an example to make bottles for perfumes or eau de toilette

Dress Form Drawing ShapeAnother field closely related to fashion is perfumery. We can all think of famous designer’s names who also have perfume related projects. Does Jean Paul Gautier, Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Domenico Dolce or Stefano Gabbana ring a bell?

You’re right, all of them are known for making clothes and perfumes. The one who actually used a dress form as example for designing a bottle for perfume is Jean Paul Gautier. He made this dress form bottle of perfume for both women and men.

The women’s fragrance is put in a bottle which takes the form of a woman wearing a corset, representing feminity. For men he chose a bottle which recreates a man wearing a sailor’s T-shirt, considered to be a symbol of masculinity.

What he did is pure genius. He combined fashion with fragrance to sell his product. Even though the fragrance has some unique merits, the dress form bottle is the one that makes you want to buy it.

Dress forms used to make Christmas decorations and Christmas trees

Yes, what you have just read is true. There are people who use dress forms as standings to make Christmas decorations, Christmas ornaments and even Christmas trees. When the Christmas comes a lot of fashion aficionados that are tired of seeing the traditional Christmas tree every year, want to add a little bit of glamour to it, so they use dress forms to do that.

The result is a sort of dress made from fir branches, decorated with Christmas balls and all the ornaments and decorations normally used to adorn the Christmas tree.

Dress forms used as surveillance cameras

Even though this looks almost unbelievable, as if was taken from the reality presented in a utopian movie, the truth is that this thing actually exists. These dress forms, which cost more than $5000, are used as normal ones, to display clothing, but also have a camera embedded inside. The company, which produced this dress form gave the technology a pretty straightforward name – “EyeSee”.

Thus, the dress form looks as any other dress form but has the ability to actually “see” the person staring at it. The camera has a special software which allows it to recognize the person’s face and log information about the race, gender and even age of the ones who pass by the dress form. This data can help apparel store owners enhance their marketing strategy. This type of dress forms can be also used as surveillance cameras so that the store owners could protect their products.

The company that produces these types of dress forms want to also embed an audio system which would allow the human forms to listen in on conversations in order to find keywords. Even though this looks and sounds pretty creepy, we have to think that almost the same thing happens with regular cameras which also observe our behavior, which most of us consider to be a pretty normal thing, not raising many concerns.