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August 30, 2017 3 min read

Is sewing a regular activity for you? If yes, not matter whether you sew for yourself or for others, you can make this activity easier and more enjoyable with the help of a dressmaker dummy.It helps you to get a perfect fit and when you finish the garment, all you have to do is stand back and admire your creation. But there are various models to choose from, so how do you know that a dressmaker dummy is the right one for you? Just read further and you’ll learn some of the basic things that will help you choose the best dressmaker dummy to use.

The size

There are many models of dummies, and they come in different sizes. They can be small, medium, large or they can also be a numbered size, just like clothing. You need to know that the sizing standards may differ depending on the manufacturer, so it is always better to refer to the measurement chart from the dressmaker dummy manufacturer rather than the size of the dummy.

However, to help you choose the dummy depending on the size, we’ll tell you what you need to do. Let’s consider you need to use the dummy for your own clothing. In this case, you need to take your measurements over your everyday underwear. You also need to take your body length measurements because it is possible to have a shorter or a larger torso than the standard.

Basic types of dressmaker dummy

When you are looking for the best dressmaker dummy to buy, you need to pay attention to your needs. Besides, think about what you will be using it for. And don’t forget about the budget you have available for this purchase. Your final choice must be based on these three characteristics: needs, the purpose of use, and budget.

Although there are many various models, there are basically three different types of dressmaker dummies.So let’s see the three types and some characteristics of each.

  1. Fixed

If you are looking for a cheap solution, then the fixed dummy is what you need. It is great for you if you have fairly standard body measurements. This dummy is perfect if you have a small sewing business or if you need to use it to photograph your products.

When you choose a fixed dummy, pay attention to its measurements, as some models have unrealistic proportions. For example, there are dummies that have very small waist measurements.

  1. Adjustable

An adjustable dressmaker dummy is a little more expensive than a fixed one. This is a great option if your body measurements fall in a range of sizes. As an example, if your body has a triangular shape or a pear shape, then the adjustable dummy allows you to adjust the bust separately to the hips, to get the desired shape.

The adjustable dummies are available in small, medium and curvy ranges, so you can easily find the one that matches your body shape.

The prices for this type of dummies also differs depending on the quality. For example, the dials and adjustment points are a determinant aspect of these dummies. So if you sew for clients, you need to use the adjusting points more frequently, so you may want to invest more in a sturdier model. However, if you only sew for yourself, you won’t need to make regular adjustments, so you can also choose a cheaper model.

  1. Professional

The dummies in this category are the most expensive ones, and they are designed for those who want to design couture garments or to sew clothes for a profit. The professional dummies aren’t adjustable. Instead, most of them come with detachable arms. However, if you are a home sewer, then this type of dummy isn’t worth the extra expense.

The professional dressmaker dummyis strong and it usually has a pinnable surface to help you with draping and dress design. It is available in various sizes and shapes, so you can find kids, women and men dummies.


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In the end

Finding the best dressmaker dummyis a personal choice and it needs to be influenced by the needs, the purpose of use, and the budget.