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The Benefits of Dress Forms in Apparel & Fashion Merchandising

September 25, 2016

The Benefits of Dress Forms in Apparel & Fashion Merchandising

In the fashion industry, there are tools which have gained utmost importance, not only in terms of sales and value of products – but also promotion and marketing. One of these products which have gone through a major revolution since their creation are dress mannequins, or more commonly known as dress forms. However, most people are not properly familiar with what dress mannequins are, how they can be used and what benefits they offer a business-driven individual.

Mannequins & dress forms have been around for as long as people can remember – in one form or the other. However, these statues did not appear behind the glass windows of retail stores until the creation of plate glass window for shops. However, the older dress forms & mannequins are a far cry related to what they look like in the 21st Century.

General Benefits of Dress Forms:

» Personalize Your Merchandise

Using these dress forms in order to represent your merchandise provides the customers with a realistic and fair idea of how the product would look on the customers themselves. Customers get a vivid idea of how the dress would fit, and what kind of event can the merchandise be worn on.

» Brand Personality Adjustments:

Dress forms provide a business-owner a number of different opportunities in order represent their merchandise. You can use these mannequins in an urban-themed store in as metropolitan area, or use a flimsy mannequin in country-themed store. This provides you the opportunity to adjust any kind of personality in your mannequin, and allow people to decide on their own.

» Creative Display Options:

Apart from clothing mannequins can also be used for a number of different merchandise. It all depends on how creative you can be. For example, you can use mannequins with lighting underneath, providing an exceptionally realistic experience to anyone who catches a glimpse of your mannequins.

» Display More Merchandise Effectively:

One of the biggest advantages of dress forms is that they can be decorated with very little merchandise each. This provides you with the opportunity to use multiple dress forms at a single sight, and display quite a lot of products at the same time. In return, this encourages a larger number of customers to drop by and buy from you!

Benefits of Dress Forms for Retail Stores:

» Attracts Customers:

If you have a number of dress forms representing your merchandise, you have a better chance at customers readily being attracted by what you have to offer. This engages the customers to enter the shop, providing a retailer with the opportunity to land a sales pitch.

» Realistic Presentation:

The 21st Century dress forms have become extremely realistic, and can provide your customers with a better understanding about how they would look in your specific product. This realistic presentation of your merchandise can engage customers to buy your products.

» Promotes Sales:

Dress forms are primarily created in order to physically fit the description of a normal person. This allows your customers to see every inch and corner of the dress – and once they are satisfied, you move one step closer to making a sale.

» Versatility:

Dress forms are not only restricted to brick and mortar outlets of clothing brands. Instead, dress mannequins can also be used in a number of different departments such as jewelry, backpacks, handbags and much more.

» Durability:

Apart from being anatomically correct, dress formss have the tendency of being extremely durable. This means that you do not have to invest on this strategy on and off – and can reap rewards from a single dress form for a long period of time. Moreover, forms are available in a number of different sizes and designs, providing you with an opportunity to use them in any sort of retail store.

The Bottom Line:

Dress mannequins are one of the most important tools a retailer needs to use in order to promote their products in a realistic and modern manner. Mannequins have been created with different materials since their creation, for example, wax, wood and even plaster.

For those business-driven fashion enthusiasts who need to attract by-walkers and turn them into paying customers, using dress forms to represent their merchandise is one of the best promotion strategies in the market!