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January 28, 2017 4 min read

When you create garments, one of the main things you want is that the result fits you perfectly. This is a bit difficult to achieve when you use a dress form you bought from a store, so what you actually might prefer to use is a custom dress formthat you made to your own dimensions. Besides the accurate fit that it offers, it is also cheaper to make a personalized form, than to buy one that you can adjust.

So if you thought about getting a dress formthat you can personalize to perfectly fit your body, you probably found out that there are several ways to do it. There are various adjustable dress formsout there on the market, and you can also have the option to create your custom dress form. However, one thing’s for sure: each way results in a form that has specific features, benefits and costs involved. So here we are to show you some of the most interesting ways to get a dress form that gives you the perfect fit to your body.

  1. Uniquely You Pinnable Foam Dress Form

This dress formis made from a compressible polyurethane foam rubber. The process involves fitting the form’s cotton cover to the sewer’s body. Once the fitted cover is placed onto the dress formand zipped closed, the foam is compressed and it is forced to fill out the cover, in a similar way that the sewer’s body fills out the cover. To give it a more realistic contour to the form’s breasts, a bust string restraints the fabric cover vertically between the breasts. This form is available on an adjustable stand.

Besides the features of this form, there are also some downsides of it. One of its greatest problem is that it can’t replicate posture. Also, it is possible that the bust line is too low or too high for you, and you can’t change this with the cover. Another downside is that it doesn’t have collapsible shoulders.

  1. Adjustable or dial-a-size dress forms

You can find various adjustable dress formsin online stores or big-box fabric stores. These adjustable forms are easy to use, they are adjustable, pinnable, and are available in various size types. They feature embedded dials, which can be internal or external. The dials allow you to adjust the form’s circumferences up or down, and some of them even allow you to adjust in the back-waist length. The foam-backed nylon covers are pinnable. Depending on the model, some of them are on stationary foldaway tripod bases, while others are on stands with casters. Also, some models have a pin hem marker or hem gauge attached to the stand. You may also find models with shaped hips and derrieres to help you with pants fitting.

Although you can adjust the dimensions to match yours, these dress formsdon’t always match your real proportions front to back, so they can’t truly replicate your body. Besides, the forms can’t mimic your posture, and their shoulders aren’t collapsible.

  1. Professional Custom Dress Forms

There are several custom professional dress forms on the market, and they come with various features and options, such as collapsible shoulders, pinnable linen covers, full-body bifurcated options, skirt cage, cast-iron adjustable bases, and papier-mache construction. Some dress form manufacturers even give you a service that allow you to customize your dress form to your specific measurements and body shape. This service is possible in two ways. It is either involving a company’s representative who may take the client’s measurements in person, or an online service that allows the client to submit a comprehensive set of measurements they take themselves.

  1. Fabulous Fit Dress Form Fitting System

This system contains seventeen contoured foam pads and a knit cover to hold them in place on your chosen dress form.You can use these pads to add fullness and contours to specific areas on the body. However, you can always interchange them to use in whatever way you need, to re-create your size and shape on the dress form. This system is completely customizable and it can be used to reproduce an individual figure. Besides, it allows you to change a dress form to fit more people. So if you already own a dress form, you can use this padding system to change the form depending on your needs.

  1. Plaster mold dress form

One of the most common DIY dress formsis the plaster mold form. This refers to a form that is filled with expanding foam or cast in papier-mache and filled with batting. This form is capable of accurately replicating your body’s shape, contours, dimensions, and posture. This option is accurate, durable, and cost-effective.

However, there are some downsides of this option. Before you think about doing your plaster mold dress form, you should acknowledge that it is time consuming, and also a little bit messy to do it. You’ll also need a partner to do it.

  1. Paper tape or duct tape custom dress form

Probably one of the cheapest options is to make your custom dress formfrom paper tape or duct tape. This results in an accurate duplicate of your body. However, it requires a lot of attention to make it accurate and reliable.

Now that you know a few things about the dress formsthat you can choose from, it only depends on you to decide which one is the most suitable option for your needs and your budget.