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January 19, 2017 2 min read

Top Five Ways to Use a Dress Form

Are you thinking about purchasing a dress form? Or you already have one, but aren’t sure how to make the best use of it? Well, it is really nice to have one, and here are five ways that you can use your dress form.

  1. See how your designed garments look on a 3D body shape

You sew your own clothes, so it is important for you to check how your creations look at various stages of the sewing process. When you put your creation on a dress form, you can easily get an idea of how your garment looks on a 3D body shape. This also gives you the option to see your creation from various angles, which you wouldn’t be able to do if you’d try the creation on yourself.

So, as you can see, the dress formhelps you to get an accurate fit, and to see how your project comes together in between fitting sessions.

  1. Mark an even hem

By hanging your garment on a dress form, you get a better view from all sides, and this helps you to pin the hem more accurately. There are certain dress formsthat come with a hem marker, as well. This helps you to be sure that the hem is level to the floor. However, once you’ve pinned the hem, try on the garment, to check it looks balanced on you.

  1. Design your patterns

A dress form allows you to examine toiles on a 3D form from all angles and to work out where you want to create style lines. This helps you visualize your creations and makes it easier for you to start bringing them to life.

Besides this, you can drape the fabric directly onto the dress formand then create the paper pattern depending on how the fabric hangs.

  1. Try on embellishments

So you want to add embellishments to your garment. With a dress form, this is easier than you might expect. You can easily put your garment on the dress form and then pin on the desired embellishments, to see how they look like. This allows you to decide whether the trimming looks nice against the fabric, the pockets are in the right place and whether they are in proportion with the rest of the garment. You can also see whether the collar you want to add to your garment looks like the shape you had in mind.

  1. Display your creations

Are you proud of your creations? Well, in this case, you can display them on your dress forms.It definitely looks better to have your own creations on a dress form, rather than on a hanger. Besides, this allows you to get a better idea of how they will look on a person.

Final thoughts

So here you saw five ways that you can use your dress form. As you can see, owning a dress form allows you to get creative and experience a nice time with your sewing.