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Dress Form Buyer’s Guide


When measuring, hold the tape comfortably and not too tight around the body. This will ensure a comfortable fit.

Measuring Chest (Bust)
To measure the chest, make sure to stand straight with your feet together. Now, lightly hold the tape from your chest to your under arm and straight across the back.

Measuring Waist
Stand naturally without tucking in your stomach. Place the tape around the waist directly over the ribbon. Firmly measure the waistline but not tightly by leaving one finger under the tape.

Measuring Hips
While standing with your feet positioned close together, find the widest measurement of the hip line which is around 7 to 9 inches below your waistline.

Measuring Inseam
Lightly hold the tape to measure along the inside leg from crotch to the bottom hem of the pants or trousers.

Measuring Sleeve Length
Measure from center back neck to shoulder point and down the outside of the arm to the wrist while your arms are relaxed at your sides and are slightly bent.



  • Neck Base - place the measure tape around the neck where knobby bone is located.
  • Neck Middle - measure around above 1 inch of the neck base.
  • Shoulder - from the point where the neck meets shoulder, hold the tape to the 
  • shoulder point.
  • X-Shoulder - measure at backside of body, from one shoulder point to another.
  • X-Back - measure from edge to edge 4 inches down from back neck point. 
  • F-Chest - measure from edge to edge 1inch down from front neck point.
  • Bust Around Neck - place the measuring tape at one bust point, around back neck to another bust point.
  • Bust - measure full circle around bust points and back .
  • Upper Bust - measure around back point about 3 to 4 inches above bust point.
  • Apex to Apex - measure from bust point to bust point.
  • Dart - measure from central line to princess line at waist line.
  • Waist - measure full circle around waist points.
  • Abdome-4" - measure full circle 4 inches down from waist point.
  • Hip - measure full circle 8" down from waist points. 
  • Total Crotch - measure from front waist point then go under back waist point.
  • Max Thigh - measure around 1 inch down from crotch.
  • Middle Thigh - measure around from the middle of max thigh and knee.
  • Knee - measure around knee.
  • Calf - measure around calf.
  • Ankle - measure around ankle.
  • Inseam - measure from crotch to the ankle down the inside of the leg.
  • Outseam - from waist line to ankle measure down from the outside of the leg.

Dress Form Installation Guide

Please check the following items in your package:

a. 1 qty DRESS FORM

b. 1 qty Caster Base with Pedal

c. 1 qty Spring

d. 1 qty Topper

e. 1 qty Inner pole

f.  1 qty Outer pole

Step 1. Place base firmly on ground.

Step 2. Insert spring through bottom end of inner pole.


Step 3. Insert inner pole into the base all the way to the bottom until the foot pedal flip up.


Step 4. Use a screw-driver or any similar tool to tighten by inserting into hole and turning clockwise to tighten the inner pole into the base. Make sure it is really tight.


Step 5. Slide outer pole through inner pole while stepping on the pedal. Stepping on the pedal makes the "cut" at the top of inner pole align.


Step 5. Put the dress form over outer pole and secure dress form with the topper.