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July 21, 2017 3 min read

Sewing is a challenging process, even when you use pre-drafted patterns and other available resources. It is even more challenging for garments meant for plus size wearers. However, there are some tips that you can use to create beautiful garments, regardless of their size. So let’s see five amazing tips that help you with fitting plus-size patterns.

  1. Choose styles that work well for plus size clothing

Before you start working on your new garments, you should think about what garments you want to create, and then search for styles that work well for plus sized clothing. There are amazing clothing patterns for plus size, too.

There are many clothes features that work well for specific body types and sizes, so you can easily find garment for fitting plus sizes. For plus size wearers, styles with looser sleeves, cap sleeves or sleeves that are sewn to the neckline provide more mobility and easier fit. Another style that is recommended for those with curves is the A-line garment style, as it often requires less fitting below the bust. If you want to smooth your silhouette, you could also try to make a pencil skirt.

  1. Pick the right pattern

One of the essential steps to the sewing process is choosing the patterns. There are many patterns available, and when you choose them, you need to consider not only the options but also your sewing expertise. You are recommended to look for patterns that have points where the garment can be tailored to fit for plus sizes. A good example of such pattern that can be easily adjusted is the pattern with princess seams, as they can be easily adjusted in many places along the torso.

You also need to be careful about the pattern scaling, as many larger sized clothes increase not only in length but also in width. For example, if you choose a pattern by a plus size bust size, it is possible to find that the torso length has also increased and that the garment does no longer fit properly. You can avoid this from happening, by taking a look at length measurements before you purchase the pattern. Remember that it is easier to adjust the width of a pattern to make it fit the bust than it is to adjust the torso’s length. However, you could also look for patterns that are specially designed for plus size garments.

  1. Measure carefully

For any sewing project, it is important to make body measurements. They are even more important for plus size sewing, as there are more curves, which can give the wearer more variance in measurements.

You need to ensure that you measure yourself accurately and take all the appropriate measurements before you start working on your garments. It is not enough to measure your bust, hips, and waist, as you may also need to measure the upper bust, under bust, upper waist, and other measurements.

  1. A dress form is worth the investment

The dress formis a must-have, as it can make drafting easier and it allows you to easily adjust a pattern or mock up before sewing. If you are a plus size wearer, then you should get an adjustable dress form, as it allows you to adjust it to fit your body shape and size. With the help of such a dress form,you can easily see any potential problems before you finish your garment, and so you can adjust accordingly.

No matter how many measurements and adjustments to pattern you do, garments often need an adjustment before you finish it. With a dress form, it is much easier to see the necessary adjustments and do them. It allows you to see any problems, such as where a seam can be adjusted or darts taken.

  1. Pick the right fabrics

It is essential to choose the right fabrics for your sewing project, but it is even more important when you choose it for plus size garments. It is recommended to avoid using knits and stretch fabrics for a curvy fit, but you should instead choose fabrics with a crisp feel, as they are easier to sew, to alter and adjust.

You also need to choose a fabric that is suitable to your chosen pattern, garment style, and body type.

Words in the end

As you can see, with just a little planning and care, you can create an amazing garment for a plus size wearer.